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Omegatone 60's 2 a day.

Omegatone 3 is a high potency essential fatty acid supplement that contains Omega 3 fatty acids, from fish oil, combined with FoodState® Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc.

Omegatone 3 contains the pre-formed Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. This is beneficial, as conversion of the dietary Omega 3 fatty acid (alpha linolenic acid) to DHA and EPA, in humans, is very limited.

The normal Western Diet contains very little alpha linolenic acid and is therefore also low in metabolites of this essential fatty acid namely DHA and EPA. Omegatone 3 is an essential fatty acid supplement that contains pre-formed DHA and EPA.


Omegatone 3 is beneficial for:

  • Primary and secondary prevention of cardio vascular conditions.
  • Maintenance of normal brain function in adults. A decrease in DHA in the brain is associated with cognitive decline during aging.
  • Improving learning ability.
  • People with impaired sugar balance.
  • People experiencing any kind of inflammation.
  • People with problem skin conditions.
  • For growth and development of the brain in infants.
  • Pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

nutritional information

Each capsule contains:

FoodState® Vitamin B6 complex


FoodState® Magnesium complex


FoodState® Zinc complex


Omega 3
(concentrate from fish oil)

347mg EPA

248mg DHA

Dosage and directions for use:
Take one capsule daily as a maintenance dose or increase dose as directed.

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