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Coloplex code 2006

The colon and digestive system significantly impact your health. Many diseases and the abdominal discomfort people experience can be related to the build-up of waste in the colon which can contaminate the rest of the body. Internal cleansing is important for the maintenance of good health and to enhance the effectiveness of a weight loss program. Coloplex is made up of 13 herbs that will assist with colon function. ~Provides relief from constipation

nutritional information Each capsule contains: Senna leaf 50mg Cascara Sagrada bark 80mg Psyllium husk 50mg Cassia (Cinnamon) 80mg Cayenne (Capsicum) 50mg Aloe Vera 25mg Ginger root 20mg Buckthorn Bark 20mg Liquorice root 20mg Apple pectin 20mg Celery seed 20mg Peppermint leaf 20mg Fennel seed 20mg

Dosage and directions for use:

Initial dose
One capsule twice a day. Maintenance
One capsule every second daily
or as directed. Note that Coloplex should not be used on a continuous basis.

  • Constipation
  • Digestive Disorders